Sun, Sea, Sand – Ibiza

18 AUGUST 2009:

5 girls in Ibiza….

This holiday was back in 2009, before I started this blog so I don’t have many details unfortunately…just a few random memories…

We stayed in Playa des Bossa which is apparently the most popular resort in Ibiza. It’s a nicer, more relaxed part of the island compared to San Antonio. Playa des Bossa is home to famous clubs Space and Ushuaia and boasts the longest beach on the island dotted with cool beach bars.

When you think of Ibiza, you think of clubbing but the island is beautiful and there is much more to do than just hit the clubs. The beaches are stunning, you can explore the narrow, winding, steep cobbled streets in the Old Town and there are plenty of relaxed bars and restaurants located all around the island.

We only went to one event which was called The Zoo Project:

Every week, thousands descend upon the self-titled ‘abandoned zoo’ (we put that in apostrophes because it isn’t actually an abandoned zoo, however there’s nothing stopping us from pretending) for a day and night of absolute debauchery and carnage. The Zoo Project Ibiza is set over a few different arenas at Benimussa Park; each one introduces unique music and a different place to party. Our personal favourite is the seal pit – complete with grand-stand dancing, acrobatic dancers and every other slice of uncaged animal action you could imagine (minus real-life seals).

There was heaps of atmosphere there, everyone seemed to be having a great time. Most people dress up in animal style attire so I wore a leopard print dress (actually it was a nightie, but I don’t think anyone could tell…)

I particularly liked the silent disco and all of the stage and water performances were amazing. The Zoo Project is like a cross between a club, a zoo and a theatre so it’s quite a unique experience.

I recall an evening when we were at a random bar somewhere on the island which had a Bucking Broncho. I had seen it done loads of times on television shows and always wanted to try it so I plucked up the guts to get on that mechanic bull and used my thigh muscles to stay on as long as possible. I don’t think I did very well but I lasted long enough to not have to do a walk of shame! It was great fun and another thing ticked off my bucket list!


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