The Big Apple – New York



Home to the Empire State Building, Times Square, Statue of Liberty and other iconic sites, New York City is a fast-paced, globally influential center of art, culture, fashion and finance. The city’s 5 boroughs sit where the Hudson River meets the Atlantic Ocean, with the island borough of Manhattan at the “Big Apple’s” core.


Empire Hotel

Beautiful hotel located a short walk from Central Park, Columbus Circle and the Lincoln Centre. The hotel looked quite familiar – I later realised that some scenes from the Sex and the City film had been shot around the hotel’s bar area, and I believe the hotel has featured in other films too so you may be lucky enough to spot a celebrity whilst staying there.


We found the hop on, hop off bus tour to be a convenient method of transportation at a good price. Great for tourists who don’t really know where to go as you pretty much get to see the whole city and they provide an audio guide that you can listen to. They are usually open top buses so when the weather is nice it is a great way to get around and see the sights.


We went to NY a number of years ago so my memory is limited, however it’s hard to forget Times Square as it’s such an iconic part of NY. Definitely a place to see if it’s your first time in the city. New Yorkers seem to avoid Times Square like the plague but as a tourist it is definitely a ‘must do’. There are lots of lights, adverts, street performers, shops, bars and restaurants. If you’re going to Broadway to see a show, you can’t avoid going to Times Square. Broadway seem to have a great selection of performances, more than I think we have in the West End in London.

If I ever go back to New York and I hope I do one day…two things I plan to do are visit a Broadway musical and spend NYE in Time Square. The ball dropping on New Year’s Eve is apparently a wonderful event.

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