Goodbye UK (for now)

06 APRIL 2015:

I’ve never really been in to the whole blogging concept, but I want to keep my mind active while I’m away, and share my experiences! So, here goes nothing….

  • ‘That’s a very bold move’
  • ‘You’ll have so much fun’
  • ‘You’re absolutely crazy, you given everything up’
  • ‘I just don’t understand why you have sold up and left’
  • ‘You’re really brave to do that’
  • ‘You literally have nothing!’ (My personal favourite. My sister is a great motivational speaker!)

When I made the decision to sell my flat, leave the job that I’d been in for nearly 10 years, and attempt a temporary long distance relationship with my boyfriend (who I am pretty crazy about), those were the kinds of things people were saying to me.

For someone who loves to plan life decades in advance, the last few months has shown me how impulsive I can also be at times. I’ve probably felt every possible emotion recently; fear, excitement, anger, stress, sadness. I’ve said goodbye to all of the people at work, many of whom I have known for years and consider my extended family. Not being able to see them every day is difficult – I miss them already (especially the gossip)! I’ll just have to make sure I meet up with them regularly when I’m back. Of course, with the goal of destroying our livers, armed with endless lines of B52s.

Then, only days after my work leaving do, I also had to say goodbye to my home. To be honest though, after all the stress brought on by the legalities of selling a property, and all the hard work of actually moving all my things (thank you again to those that helped) I was just glad for it to be over. That doesn’t change the fact that I loved my home dearly so at some point I’m sure it will hit me that it’s no longer mine.

Doing some of the most stressful things in life all at the same time was perhaps a little stupid of me, but I’ve always been an all or nothing kind of girl. It was tough, and I have not a clue what I will do when I get back, but despite this I still feel like I made the right decisions.

Someone kept asking me why I was doing it all. Why quit? Why sell? Why explore? What goes on in my head is a mystery to myself more than anyone, but happiness is a choice so when you feel discontent with the direction you are heading, then it’s time to get off your ass and make a left! Or a right.

So off I go….

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