A Weekend in Barcelona

08 AUGUST 2008:

I went to Barcleona in 2008, long before I started documenting my travels so all I have are memories and a few photos of my time there.

We really enjoyed Barcelona – the beaches are lovely, the main street in central Barcelona called La Rambla has lots of atmosphere as it’s popular with tourists and locals alike. I recall several men laying out a display of handbags for sale on the pavement. I turned around and suddenly they had all disappeared. It was quite incredible. They have a mechanism to get able to pull their display into a big ball so they can run off with it when police are near to avoid getting caught selling counterfeit products. It took me a while to work out what was going on – one second there was a display of bags and the next there was no sign of them ever having been there! I thought I was going mad!

La Rambla can be crowded, especially during the height of the tourist season. Its popularity with tourists has affected the character of the street, with a move to pavement cafes and souvenir kiosks. It has also suffered from the attention of pickpocketers and, especially towards its southern end, sex workers

One day we saw a senior man, in his 70s walking round La Rambla stark naked! That was not a pretty sight. That same day I saw another man sitting on a bench at the shopping centre, watching porn on his mobile whilst his hands were down his pants. I needed some eye bleach after that day!



We spent one day at Barcelona Zoo. They have a broad selection of animals and lots of information available. You can visit the park on foot or by car, but it’s a big place so be prepared for a long hike. They have a huge variety of animals, from gorillas to elephants, komodo dragons, snakes, flamingos, penguins and many more. Worth a visit!


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